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Love quote for him

Love quote for him

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Have you been trying to hide your feelings from your loved one? Maybe if they could just notice it without you saying anything. Why don’t they see your hints? Well guess what? A picture is worth a thousand words and today I am going to share with you some beautiful love quotes which you can share with your lover and maybe they will get to know your feelings. Let’s start:

Do you feel alone without him? Maybe if you two could be together, your life would be perfect. Maybe he is your missing puzzle and without him you are incomplete.


Your presence brings happiness in my life and when you are with me, I feel the whole world is in a never ending love.

I have always been waiting for you. You are my dream and I feel like a princess standing before a prince, asking for my love just like in fairytales.

Nothing can apart us from each other. If I had a thousand lives and I fell in love, I would always fall in love with you over and over again.

It’s not just love that keeps us together, it’s how we keep united beside our differences.

I want to spend each and every second of my life with you. I want you to be everything in my life.

Your touch makes my blood rush in my veins.


I used to imagine you, you were always on my mind. I wondered whether we will ever be together. Even after meeting you I still can’t stay away for a moment from you.

Being with you makes me happy and every thought of you leaving me, shocks my body.

Your love gives me the strength to face the world fearlessly.

I see the world in your eyes, I wish I could be a tear that would drop from your eyes, rolling on the cheeks and die on your lips.

There are a lot of things going on inside me, whom I don’t understand, but I do know the reason to find you and that is I love you!

I love u because u made me love myself by loving me.

“you will never be left or for saken”… because God has loves you enough to be always there for you and make you love him anyways.

Love Messages

Life owes me nothing but your company.


I feel beautiful being with you

Express your love when you meant it for sure because I can be weird enough to do anything even believing it

world cannot separate you from me for you live in my heart

A priceless relation is the one in which your being is the whole source of happiness

I want you to live long so that I can live with you long but die before you to see you until my eyes get closed

Happiness is all about being with you

Loving, wanting and need you doesn’t need any reason because you are the one, my soul mate.

Removing your thoughts out of my mind is killing me.

I want to live with you forever.

I wonder my name gives you the same happiness I feel when I hear yours.


I love you because I am saying it, I mean it and I want to live it

I don’t care how much would I live, all I want is to live with you always

The incredible thing I have to say to you is that I love you

Your thoughts are all I have in my mind

Having you beside myself  is all I want

I will love you till my last breath

I have always kissed with open eyes and close heart after I lost you.

Love has confused me. When I am drunk she is all mine and otherwise I lost her for forever.

It doesn’t matter how much you get hurt until it makes you stronger every time

Love comprehends with attention not gifts

Soul mates are like magnets, the farther they move, the more they attract

The one who truly loves never hesitate in apologizing on his faults rather than disguising with lies

When you meet the true love before you are ready to accept it, makes it tough.

Life is too short to risk the love of your life

Love doesn’t need any language, it communicates silently.

The one who turns you cold deserves it the most to be treated with.

Accept the fact that you don’t love her instead of calling her just because you can’t ignore her beauty.

Nobody changes, rather learns by the time to get what he deserves.

She loves to stay unchanged, simply captivating and attracting.

People are not meant to see your falling tears or hiding fears but to judge you as they want.

A smile hurts when it is begotten by the one who hurts and deserves tears.

Sorry for the emptiness that accompanies me but I have lost my heart in someone else and I am too scared to take it back.

Bringing a smile on her face is not worth making her heart smile. It’s different!

I live quietly with everything going on around me, just to have something consistently worth a while.

Outspoken girls are often sweet rather than the silent ones.

Never give up on what you want but make sure it’s worth an achievement.

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